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Quite a handful of people … Oh, how popularity was foreign around these parts.

Despite the fact that having so many people around caused Lucy to squirm and to glance down at her feet rather than them, she decided that life would be much easier if one got through it without any social awkwardness. There was a feeling in the pit of her stomach that would never be reached by the worrywart of a woman. Still, she finally looked up and wiggled her fingers in greeting, lips pursing when it had come to her attention that two of these people were almost recognizable.

"Hello, I’m Lucy Mario. … Uhm, do any of you r-require any plumbing services? I mean, my sister isn’t around at the moment, but I can do it! I-If you need any assistance, of course.” There was a nervous laugh and a cheek scratch that followed. Oh dear, what a poor woman.

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    "Ey, now!" Mario grinned, patting her on the back. "Who’re you calling a sidekick? If our worlds are neck-and-neck in...
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    Ears perked up more, upon hearing his name. This lady sure did look like him after all, and sound like him as well… she...
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    Her face brightened at the mentioning of all of the adventures that had taken place in Mario’s world, and, of course,...